Company Profile



Who Zelle is

Founded in 2007 built on strong ethics, a deep desire to create clients for life and an unrivalled record of success, Zelle is a local, independent, non-traditional Real Estate brand specialising in the sale, marketing, leasing and management of residential property in Albury, Wodonga and surrounding areas.

Our mission is to be the best we can possibly be and constantly refine and improve what we do in every regard. We care about your property as much as we do our brand, your experience and the result.

What we do

Our highly skilled team offers a complete range of Real Estate services for vendors, buyers, investors and tenants.

How we work

For vendors....... We offer exceptional service and creative marketing, giving your property the highest and best possible chance of achieving a great result.

For buyers....... We can help find a home you will love or an investment property to assist you in building wealth for a secure future.

For investors...... We offer authentic property advice to help you maximise returns through lower vacancies, better rents and effective management of your investment.


We are proud of our achievements and continually strive to set new standards of performance and service.